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Use Feng Shui to Help Your Job Hunt

Posted on by Heather Cyrus

Feng Shui for Job HuntingYou might think Feng Shui is used just for decorating homes, but the principles can be useful in many areas of your life, including the job hunt. When used in conjunction with your hard work and determination, Feng Shui can bring the right kind of energy to your career goals. If nothing else, the small effort you put into Feng Shui can help solidify your intentions. 

The idea of Feng Shui is to create space in your home that allows energy to flow freely and harmoniously. During the job search, it’s important to be open to new things coming into your life (i.e. that new job) so here are a few Feng Shui tips to help you create that energy:

1. De-Clutter

According to Feng Shui teachings, clutter is the antitheses of energy flowing through your home freely. Check that your closets aren’t over stuffed, areas under the bed are orderly, and your desk is cleared before beginning work.  

2. Identify the Career Corner 

The North area in your home is connected to the flow of energy in your career life, also called “Path in Life.” This can also be the north sector of your living room, office, bedroom, or dining room.  

There are elements that activate the career chi, bringing in opportunities. Try hanging or placing in your career corner a few metal objects (especially gold in color), a mirror, water feature, or decorating with blue and black colors. You can also display images of people whose career and professional life you admire in the North area. 

3. Home Entrance

According to Feng Shui philosophy, it’s important to make the entrance to your home as attractive as possible to invite new opportunities in. Make sure the front door isn’t blocked or difficult to open, and the path to the front door is well-lit and clear. 

Wash the door and hinges, and perhaps buy a new welcome mat, potted plant or wind chime. Another suggestion is to tape your dream job description on the inside of your front door to help manifest it into existence.  

4. Other Corners

Identify the Southeast corner of your home, this is your money and abundance area. The element for this area is wood, so avoid metal objects and try placing a green plant or water feature in the corner. 

Good Feng Shui in the Northwest corner, including art with a metal element, can attract helpful people in your life. 

Finally, recognize that your personal energy is connected to the energy in your home and office. Take care of yourself, and the rest will fall into place. 

Do you have some favorite Feng Shui tips that would benefit the job seeker? Please share below!

Image used under Creative Commons from Flickr user Avia Venefica

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