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Find Your Dream Job is a podcast for professionals who are looking for new work, meaningful employment, and an opportunity to make a difference in life. Our show provides proven tips and industry-insider advice on how to get a great job.

Each week, we feature an interview with a national job search and career management expert, provide practical tips to improve your marketability, share career development resources, and answer listener questions.

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Ep. 075: How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out, with Marc Miller
LinkedIn is the dominant social media platform for professional networking, and employers have taken notice. Nearly 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn[...]
Three Secrets to Success with Human Resources, with Melissa Anzman
"To apply, contact Human Resources."  These words are enough to induce a groan from many job seekers. For many people[...]
Ep. 074: How to Answer the “Desired Salary” Question, with Jim Hopkinson
Have you ever had a prospective employer ask about your desired salary? Or inquire about your salary history? This week’s guest,[...]
Ep. 073: What People with Interesting Careers Have in Common, with Srinivas Rao
What do you want to be when you grow up? It's OK if you are still unable to answer this question,[...]
Use Analysis To Turn Paralysis Into Action, with Hallie Crawford
In this bonus episode, certified career coach Hallie Crawford reads her contribution to our new book, Land Your Dream Job Anywhere,[...]
Ep. 072: How To Get The Most Out Of Your First Job, with David Mariano
This week's episode is about explicitly about first jobs, but the lessons we share can apply to just about any[...]
Ep. 071: Questions to Ask Before You Apply for a Job, with Amanda Augustine
Successful job searches require time and effort. Spending time customizing job applications, targeting a job search, and a goal-oriented personal[...]
Social Media: Friend or Foe?
In this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, the Mac’s List team reacts to a recent New York Times[...]
Ep. 070: How Women Can Get Great Tech Jobs, with Allison Esposito
Contrary to popular belief, women don’t need to be coders or programmers, to get a great job in the tech[...]
Ep. 069: How to Craft a Killer Elevator Pitch, with Jeff Kleid
When you are looking for your dream job everyone always says, “You need to go to a networking event!” This[...]
Bonus Episode: Mac’s Interview on Finance Career Launch
On September 5, 2016, Mac Prichard was the featured guest on the Finance Career Launch podcast, a show for people aspiring[...]
Ep. 068: The 3 Biggest Obstacles to Your Dream Career, with Anna Runyan
Do you have a clear vision of where you want to go with your career? If not, you may be[...]
Ep. 067: Why Your Resume is Being Ignored, with Pete Mockaitis
Have you sent out 50 resumes, only to get 50 emails from automated system replies? If so, your resume might[...]
Bonus Episode: Get Fired Up About Finding Your Passion, with Jenna Forstrom
Plugging into your passions is the best way to find meaningful and engaging work. But sometimes it's hard to focus on the[...]
Ep. 066: Fatal Flaws in Job Interviews, with Dan Miller
Did you just spill your coffee all down the front of your shirt? Or, did you forget to turn the[...]
Ep. 065: How to Manage Money When You’ve Lost Your Job, with Eric Rosenberg
When you lose a job, not only does your income stop, but it can also be a hit to your[...]
Bonus Episode: Taking the Big Leap into Self-Employment, with Mac Prichard
Do you have what it takes to turn your entrepreneurial spirit into a small business? If you can answer yes[...]
Ep. 064: 8 Questions You Must Ask In An Interview, with J.T. O’Donnell
Most people leave a job interview and are no closer to knowing if they will be offered the position than[...]
Ep. 063: Credibility Busters That Can Ruin Your Career, with Julie Broad
Are you a person who is thinking about the question you are going to ask more than you are thinking[...]
Bonus Episode: Engagement Rings and Interviews
With engagement season fast approaching, the Mac's List team (Publisher, Mac Prichard; Managing Director, Ben Forstag; and Community Manager, Jenna[...]
Ep. 062: How to Find Jobs and Recruiters on Twitter, with Chris Russell
Did you know there are jobs shared on Twitter every day? If you know how to look for the jobs[...]
Ep. 061: Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting You Interviews, with Andrea Gerson
Can your resume engage a human resource manager and make them want to read more? Or, does it just blend[...]
Bonus Episode: Politics and Job Hunting
The U.S. presidential election wrapped up last week, but politics remains a charged and potentially divisive issue. This brings up[...]
Ep. 060: How to Manage the New World of Reference Checking, with Ray Bixler
In the past, hiring managers using a telephone to solicit feedback from job references yielded a low, 50% return rate.[...]
Ep. 059: How Women Can Shatter the Glass Ceiling, with Elisa Doucette
The “glass ceiling” is a concept that a woman who tries to progress in her career may only reach a[...]
Bonus Episode: How to Hack the Hidden Job Market
On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, the Mac's List team, Mac Prichard, Ben Forstag, and Jenna Forstrom[...]
Ep. 058: Is it Time to Look for Your Next Job? with Rob Walker
The days of working for the same company for 30-years and retiring with a full pension are a thing of[...]
Ep. 057: Find Your Inner Voice in a Job Interview, with Caroline Dowd-Higgins
Did you just land an interview? Congratulations! Now, it’s time to prepare. The interview stage is the time to show[...]
Bonus Episode: “Why wouldn’t you hire me?”
On an earlier podcast, guest expert, Hannah Morgan, spoke about how to nail your next phone interview.  While wrapping up[...]
Ep. 056: How to Get the Most Out of Your Day, with Matt Kepnes
If you are between jobs you may find yourself with an abundance of unstructured time on your hands. Trying to[...]
Ep. 055: How to Nail Your Next Phone Interview, with Hannah Morgan
Job applicants do not always know when a hiring manager or recruiter will be calling to conduct an interview. If[...]
Bonus Episode: Mac Prichard on Copeland Coaching
On August 30, 2016 Mac Prichard, founder and publisher of Mac’s List, talked with Angela Copeland, career coach and founder of[...]
Ep. 054: Treat Your Career as if You’re an Entrepreneur, with Michelle Ward
Do you have a personal website, a personal business card or a folder of compliments you have received? If not,[...]
Have You Heard the Most Popular Episodes of Find Your Dream Job?
Last fall, Mac’s List launched our first podcast, Find Your Dream Job. Since then we’ve released  53 weekly episodes, 21[...]
Ep. 053: How to Make the Most of a Networking Event, with Angela Copeland
If the purpose of networking is to build relationships, then why would you only network when you are job hunting?[...]
Bonus Episode: Mac’s Interview on the Making Oregon Podcast
On July 14, 2016 Mac Prichard, founder and publisher of Mac’s List, talked with Terry Starbucker, cofounder and publisher of Built[...]
Ep. 052: What Successful People Do Differently, with Don Hutcheson
There is a structure or blueprint to being a successful person but there is no perfect formula. The design differs[...]
Ep. 051: How Women Can Get Back to Work After a Career Break, with Jennifer Gefsky
Did you know 90% of women who opt out of the workforce will return at some point? The most common[...]
Bonus: Why Don’t Employers Include a Job Salary in a Job Post?
On July 14, 2016, Ben Forstag published a blog post on Mac’s List, “Why Employers Don’t Include Salaries in their[...]
Ep. 050: Why You Need to Toot Your Own Horn at Work Now, with Dan Rust
Keeping a record of career accomplishments is an employee’s own responsibility. If a manager is accountable for ten people, they[...]
Ep. 049: How to Get Your Next Raise, with Josh Doody
Does your manager fail to notice your accomplishments at evaluation time? If so, it is because “managers are busy” says[...]
BONUS: How To Follow Up After An Interview, with Jenny Foss
On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, Jenny Foss, owner of shares her tips for how to[...]
Ep. 048: Ace a Job Interview with Body Language, with Vanessa Van Edwards
Did you know that your body language is responsible for 60% of your communications and that first impressions are nonverbal?[...]
Ep. 047: How to Make Your Job Virtual, with Melissa Mathews
It pays off to prepare yourself before asking an employer to make your job virtual. Most employers will want to[...]
Bonus Episode: An Unusual Interview Tactic
  On February 4, 2016, the New York Times published an article, “Walt Bettinger of Charles Schwab: You’ve Got to[...]
Ep. 046: How to Get a Job You Love, with Scott Barlow
Do you know how to get a job you love? It’s OK if you don’t. Most people do not believe[...]
Ep. 045: An Introvert’s Guide to Networking, with Trina Isakson
Networking events can be, for an introvert, a worst case scenario. This is why introverts need to be prepared, strategic[...]
BONUS Episode: Networking Schmetworking, Tips for Genuine Connection, with Jen Violi
Freelance writer, Jen Violi, shares tips for genuine connection in Oregon - or anywhere. Even if networking makes you queasy, you[...]
Ep. 044: How to Cope with a Job Loss, with Marsha Warner
A job loss due to layoffs or conflicting interests can be a shock to our system. A person may feel[...]
Ep. 043: How to Create Your Own Job Online with Sean Ogle
Do you want to work at home?  Thanks to the Internet, jobs that used to require you to sit in[...]
Bonus Episode: How to Ignite Your Professional Bio with a Killer First Sentence, with Mike Russell
Mike Russell, owner of Pivotal Writing, shares how to hook your readers attention with that first sentence of your professional[...]
Ep. 042: How to Be Productive in Your Job Search, with Mike Vardy
Job hunting take a lot of time, energy, and attention to detail. It’s a job in-and-of-itself!  You might start your[...]
Ep. 041: What to Do After a Job Interview, with Deena Pierott
  We talked in an earlier show about what you can do to prepare for a job interview. But what happens next[...]
Bonus Episode: Mac’s Interview on the Non Profit Hour
Many job seekers are interested in a nonprofit career as a vehicle for rewarding, socially-impactful work. But landing a nonprofit[...]
Ep. 040: How To Make A Living as a Musician, with Mark Powers
  You don’t need to live in Los Angeles or have a hit song to have a successful career in[...]
Ep. 039: How to Start Over in a New City, with Terry St. Marie
Have you ever thought about putting everything you own into a moving van and taking a new job in a[...]
Bonus Episode: Three Tips to Thrive in the Transition from College to Career, with Satya Byock
You’ve survived years of schooling, finals, group projects and finally have a hard-earned degree in your hands.  You’re still looking[...]
Ep. 038: How to Write a Killer Cover Letter, with Susan Rich
  Google the words “cover letter” and you will find lots of opinions on the best tactics: which format to[...]
Ep. 037: Three Steps to Take in Any Job Negotiation, with Jeff Weiss
  This week on Find Your Dream Job, we’re talking about negotiation, a vital skill, especially at work. Maybe you’re[...]
BONUS EPISODE: Let’s Have Coffee… Online, with Joshua Waldman
  Networking and coffee often go hand-in-hand; inviting a professional contact out for coffee is one of the easiest ways[...]
Ep. 036: Why You Should Quit Your Job Now, with Tess Vigeland
Ever think about quitting your job? A vast majority of people do. One survey cited by CBS News found that[...]
Ep. 035: Help Your Teen Find Their Life Purpose, with Dearbhla Kelly
  It’s graduation season and a time to celebrate the great accomplishments of our graduating high school students. It’s also[...]
PODCAST BONUS: How to Pick the Right Interview Outfit
  When it comes to interviewing, your wardrobe matters. You want to pick the perfect outfit for your interview --[...]
Ep. 034: How to Identify Your Ideal Career, with Hallie Crawford
Are you happy at your job? Unfortunately, most people aren’t. According to Gallup, unhappy employees outnumber happy ones, two to[...]
Ep. 033: How to Work a Room, with Susan RoAne
Maybe you’re looking for your next job. Or perhaps you want to stay on top of your career. Whatever your[...]
BONUS Episode: Hello College Student, I’m Talking to You! with Gabrielle Nygaard
The question every college student dreads but can't avoid: "What are you going to do after graduation?" It's graduation season and[...]
Ep. 032: How to Get the Career You Want with Katie Kelley
Every time you switch jobs, you have the opportunity to redefine your career—to pursue new challenges and find new meaning[...]
Ep. 031: Sell Your Ideas, Not Your Skills with Larry Smith
To have a great career, you need passion. But you also need a solid plan.  Specifically, you need to know[...]
PODCAST BONUS: Lessons Learned By The Recently Unemployed (with Marsha Warner)
  All too often people only think about career management when they are actively looking for a job. This is a[...]
Ep. 030: Find Work You’re Meant to Do with Chris Guillebeau
Do you know someone who has the perfect job and is getting well paid, too? It might seem that this happened[...]
Ep. 029: Interview Secrets Every New Graduate Needs to Know
  College graduation season is just around the corner and departing seniors will find themselves in a strong job market. According[...]
BONUS Episode: Getting Ahead by Being Unprofessional
Image is an important part of a job search--and career management, in general. You always want to present yourself as a competent, talented and,[...]
Ep. 028: How to Look for Work After Age 50
It is illegal for an employer to discriminate based on age, but many job seekers over the age of 50[...]
Ep. 027: How to Find Work Overseas
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live and work in a foreign country? More people than[...]
Podcast Bonus: How To Deal With A Bad Reference
  In all likelihood you've had at least one negative experience with a past employer or supervisor. Many of us have. Whatever the[...]
Ep. 026: How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible to Recruiters
  LinkedIn is a vital part of any serious job search.A vast majority (94-97%) of recruiters and employers use LinkedIn[...]
Ep. 025: How to Make a Career Pivot
  These days none of us need to be told that change is the one constant in the workplace. Our[...]
Podcast Bonus: Knowing Yourself is the First Step in the Job Search Process
  A dream job is one that perfectly fits your abilities, passions, preferred working habits, and lifestyle needs. As such,[...]
Ep. 024: How to Return to Work at Any Age with Kristin Schuchman
  Most Americans begin work full-time after high school or college and hope to retire at age 65 or older.[...]
Ep. 023: How to Switch from a Corporate to Nonprofit Career
  More than 10 million Americans work for nonprofits today. Even the Great Recession couldn’t stop growth in this sector.[...]
PODCAST BONUS: The Secret Sauce to a Kick-Butt Resume
  Among human resources professionals, it is commonly held that at least 85 percent of all resumes "suck." A vast[...]
Ep. 022: The Hidden Path to a Creative Career
  It is a myth that a creative career means a lifetime of poverty. Nearly 1.4 million Americans work in[...]
Ep. 021: How Women Can Win At Work
  Gender unfortunately matters in the workplace. Women, on average, earn less than men in virtually every single occupation. In[...]
PODCAST BONUS: Four Principles to Guide Your Career
Few people's careers play out exactly as planned. Changes of interest, new opportunities, and life in-general all interfere with the perfect,[...]
Ep. 020: Reinventing Your Career
    Everybody knows that changing jobs regularly is the new normal. The days of working for just one or[...]
Ep. 019: How to Make (and Keep) Professional Resolutions
Did you make a New Year’s resolution to do something different in your career? The list of changes you seek[...]
PODCAST BONUS: How to Get an Oregon Government Job
Government jobs are always tough to land. Mastering the oft-byzantine application process takes practice and insider know-how. In this bonus[...]
Ep. 018: Advancing Your Career Through Collaboration
You will find competitors in whatever career you choose. No matter how small or niche your field, some people always[...]
Ep. 017: The Social Media Job Search
According to one estimate, 80% of employers Google candidates before inviting someone in for a job interview. What will people[...]
Ep. 016: How to Ace a Job Interview
“Wing it” and “job interview” are two phrases that should never go together in the same sentence. Before you walk[...]
PODCAST BONUS: Portland’s Threads–and Yours
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you all had a festive holiday season and that you're starting 2016 re-energized to build the career of[...]
Ep. 015: How To Get a Nonprofit Job
How do you get a nonprofit job? This is a big question that we hear from all kinds of job[...]
Ep. 014: The Millennials’ Guide to Finding a Job
Millennials, the 54 million Americans born after 1980, now account for more than a third of the workforce in the[...]
Ep. 013: How To Land a Tech Job (Even if You Can’t Code)
When you hear the phrase “technology sector” you probably think of multi-billion dollar companies like Google, Apple, or Facebook. But[...]
Ep. 012: How To Be A Founder
Have you ever thought about striking out on your own? Maybe you want to start a nonprofit, a private company, or[...]
Ep. 011: The Rules of Working with a Human Resources Department
You may want a gig with a cool corporation like Nike, Google, or Apple. Perhaps you’ve targeted a big government[...]
Ep. 010: Government Jobs and Public Service Careers
If you want a job that lets you make a difference in the world you’ll likely consider a career in[...]
Ep. 009: How to Launch a Freelancing Career
53 million Americans--one out of three workers--can be classified as freelance entrepreneurs. A career as a freelancer offers lots of advantages.[...]
PODCAST BONUS – An Interview with Mac Prichard
Local radio station KINK 101.9 recently interviewed our very own Mac Prichard, founder of Mac's List! Host Sheila Hamilton spoke with Mac[...]
Ep. 008: How to Write a Ridiculously Awesome Resume
Writing a winning, stand-out resume can feel like a roadblock to overcome in your job search. Often people experience what[...]