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Our Story

How Did Mac’s List Get Started?

In 2001, our founder Mac Prichard started sharing local job postings with a few dozen friends and people looking for work. As the years went by, this list grew by word of mouth as he heard from people who wanted to join his list and employers who asked him to post their jobs.

Why Do We Publish a Newsletter?

By 2008, emailing all the jobs announcements had become an unpaid part-time job for Mac. The list had reached 850 people and the number of positions grew to 10 or 15 a week.  It had also become an important community service. To reduce the amount of work involved – and to keep connecting job seekers and employers – Mac’s colleague, Lori Howell, suggested publishing a list of each week’s jobs as a simple curated newsletter every Tuesday at 2 PM.

Why Do We Call It Mac’s List?

We wish we could say that we conducted extensive consumer research. The truth? When we launched the weekly newsletter our first editor, Lori, needed a title for the masthead and simply suggested Mac’s List. The name has stuck ever since.

Mac’s List Today

Mac’s List now attracts tens of thousands of visitors every month and has evolved to meet the demands of its readers and the employers who want to connect with them. To cover our costs, we now charge employers for listings. We’ve also added new services including a website, dedicated Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube pages, and various improvements to the newsletter itself.

Readers who use Mac’s List can always count on finding predictable and consistent information about Oregon jobs in management, communications, development, and other sectors and professions. And because we are a locally owned and operated business engaged in the Portland community, we offer discounts to non-profits, foundations, and public agencies and affordable prices for private employers.

Throughout the years, however, our mission has remained unchanged: to help people throughout Oregon find rewarding, interesting jobs that pay decent salaries and to help employers find the best possible candidates for those jobs.