Find a Job that Matters

Our Story


We started in 2001 as an informal email listserv, circulated among a small group of friends, highlighting job opportunities in Portland. Since our humble beginnings, Mac’s List has grown to become Oregon’s go-to website for finding a great job. Today, Mac’s List is the premier resource for connecting passionate, creative professionals to meaningful and creative work throughout Oregon and SW Washington, with a growing monthly outreach to more than 80,000 people. Whether you are looking for your first job, a better job or just want to manage the direction of your career, Mac’s List offers the resources you need to make it happen.

The Mac’s List Story (in a nutshell)

In 2001, our founder, Mac Prichard, moved from Salem, Oregon to Portland. To stay connected with his Salem contacts, he would send periodic emails letting them know about local job opportunities. Word quickly spread about Mac’s emails; job seekers asked to join the list and local employers asked to have their jobs included. Soon managing this email list had become Mac’s unpaid part-time job–but a service he was happy to provide for the community.

In 2008, Mac launched Prichard Communications, a Portland-based strategic communications agency, serving nonprofit and social good organizations around the country. For several years, maintaining Mac’s List was a side project for the Prichard Communications staff.  In 2015, Mac’s List was spun off as its own separate company, although we continue to share ownership, office space (and all-too-often cupcakes) with the Prichard Communications team.

Throughout the years our mission has always remained the same: to help people throughout Oregon find rewarding, interesting jobs that pay decent salaries and to help employers find the best possible candidates for those jobs.

Why Do We Call It Mac’s List?

We wish we could say that we conducted extensive consumer research. The truth? When we launched the weekly newsletter our first editor, Lori Howell, needed a title for the masthead and simply suggested Mac’s List. The name has stuck ever since.

So… Mac is a real guy?

He sure is! You can contact him at!

Is Mac’s List only in Oregon?

We are proud to call Portland our home, and our job board focuses primarily on work opportunities in Oregon and southwest Washington state. However, many of the informational products we offer, including our blog, book, and podcast, provide actionable tips that will help job seekers wherever they live.