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Why Portland Employers Go to Job Fairs (And You Should Too)

Posted on by Tiana Tozer

“None of the employers took resumes,” is the biggest complaint I hear from job seekers after they have attended a job fair. Followed by, “Why did I waste my time?” The employment landscape has changed. The resume alone is no longer the primary tool for finding employment. Now it’s about relationships and the application process. […]

Mature Workers: Future-Proof Your Career Life Cycle for Finding a Job in Portland

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

It’s no secret that many jobs in Oregon and elsewhere in the United States typically last three years or less. What this means for mature workers (age 50-plus ) is that you need to know how to navigate many changes in your midlife years. Here are some questions to test your knowledge about work force […]

How to Beat Boomer Bias in Your Oregon Job Search: Be Up-to-Date in Person and Online

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

We can say that age is relative, just a state of mind, however some baby boomer job seekers in Portland are convinced of the reality of age bias against workforce veterans. They have experienced their relevance as a vital job candidate having a direct correlation to their age. So how can the 50+ job seeker […]

Laid Off After 50: How Oregon Women Can (And Why They Should) Switch to Nonprofits

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

Losing your job in your 50’s and early 60’s can be painful financially and emotionally, but many Oregon women in this age group that I work with are thinking about focusing their job search on the nonprofit world. If that’s you, too, it could be because you haven’t been able to find your old job […]

Tips for Encore Careers in Portland: Use It or Lose It!

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

With the advent of 20 to 30 additional years of life, today’s 50+ men and women are determined to add meaningful life to those years. To remain self-reliant and to give back to their communities and their world is increasingly more important. In Portland there are many opportunities to find this kind of work in retirement […]

Encore Careers: Navigating the Oregon Job Search After 50

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

It has become a well known fact that work at an older age is now increasingly common. Jobs in or after retirement can be an opportunity to apply your years of experience to a change in careers or sectors. And in Portland, “empty nesters” and retirees are arriving in higher than expected rates, according to […]

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