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What I Learned as the Social & Digital Media Intern at “Mac’s List”

Posted on by Cecilia Bianco

Internships are the best way to transition from college into the working world. They prepare you for what’s ahead, help you build a strong portfolio, and allow you to expand your skills in your chosen industry.  My internship with “Mac’s List” and Prichard Communications did all of this and more. Here are three reasons based […]

A Recruiter’s Top 10 Tips for Getting an Internship in Oregon

Posted on by Aimee Fahey

After building several internship programs, I’ve noticed patterns of who gets internships and whose resumes never make it.  Here are some tips I have for those looking to get noticed by prospective employers – both for students AND non-students seeking internships.  1. Your resume matters! In my experience, intern resumes are more likely to be […]

3 Tips to Make Your First Internship a Success

Posted on by Hanna Hallman

When I was in college I avoided looking for an internship. I had multiple excuses, but the truth was that I was afraid. I was nervous that I wasn’t qualified, or that I would get the job and have no clue what I was doing. I let fear of the unknown hold me back. So […]

How to Navigate a Career Fair Whether You’re a Student or in Midcareer

Posted on by Mac Prichard

With most college graduations just four months away the Oregon student career fair season is in full swing. These events can be very useful for meeting potential employers and learning about entry-level jobs and student internships. They also provide a perfect opportunity to practice and sharpen job interview skills.  Earlier this month my Prichard Communications […]

Three Tips for Avoiding a Midterm Slump in a Portland Internship

Posted on by Elizabeth Azevedo

Most millenials, like me, who are about to graduate from college, (I finish my bachelors degree at the University of Oregon next month), have been told our whole life that if we follow our passion we will find professional contentment. However, in this recent New York Times article, Follow a Career Passion? Let It Follow […]

New Oregon Jobs and Employers 11/13/12

Posted on by Elizabeth Azevedo

Here at Mac’s List, we are big fans of Multnomah County Animal Services’ (MCAS) cat adoption ad campaign. A feline Uncle Sam points at drivers and people around town from the advertisement on billboards, bus stops and local publications with the tagline “I want you… to adopt me.” MCAS hopes to spread awareness of their […]

What Now? An Intern’s Goals for the Future and Lessons Learned

Posted on by Hannah "The Intern" Miller

Next week I finish my internship at Mac’s List and return to Lewis and Clark College here in Portland. As I work my way through my final to do list, my colleagues Mac and Jessica encouraged me to write about my own professional goals and share some of the lessons I’ve learned writing the Mac’s […]

How to Make an Internship Work in Portland, Oregon: Four Lessons From the Expert at Mac’s List

Posted on by Hannah "The Intern" Miller

On August 21, I wrap up my internship this summer at Mac’s List in Portland, Oregon. I feel more self-assured about my future than would have ever felt just working another part-time summer job. This internship has successfully changed my life and I can’t wait to see who steps up to the plate and takes […]

Summer Jobs: Good for Students, Careers, and Employers

Posted on by Hannah "The Intern" Miller

We’ve all been there: your parents berate you to get a job. Meanwhile, you just want to spend the summer hanging out with your friends. After all, you think to yourself,  “The economy is bad, no one will hire me, and anyway, I should finish college first.”

An Intern With a Big Personality

Posted on by Hannah "The Intern" Miller

Hi there, Hannah here! I’m the Social and Digital Media Intern at Mac’s List. Since starting my job, I’ve felt like the luckiest girl in the world being a part of this friendly, creative and outgoing team here in downtown Portland. I feel like I fit right in with my big personality, unique style, and […]

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