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Ep. 028: How to Look for Work After Age 50

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It is illegal for an employer to discriminate based on age, but many job seekers over the age of 50 will tell you it happens every day. Older workers stay out of work longer and may earn less than in previous jobs when they do return to the workforce. According to AARP the average period of unemployment for […]

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How to Overcome Ageism in Your Job Search

Posted on by Marsha Warner

In my coaching practice, I am frequently asked about ageism in today’s job market. My first response is that we are all what we are; we can’t change the age we are or the experiences we bring to the table. A confident job seeker embraces who they are and makes the best possible presentation of […]

Marsha Warner
Career Coach & Counselor at Career Factors
Marsha Warner, MS, SPHR is a nationally recognized career coach and recruiter. “It has been my privilege to work with hundreds of people like you as their career coach. As an HR leader and recruiter in corporations, I know what companies look for and how to communicate that career brand to an employer. I’ve developed a Career Map and Career Renewal process to chart a meaningful work life that brings rewards, meaning and delight to life.”
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Ep. 023: How to Switch from a Corporate to Nonprofit Career

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  More than 10 million Americans work for nonprofits today. Even the Great Recession couldn’t stop growth in this sector. According to the federal government, the number of nonprofit jobs increased by 18% between 2000 and 2010. That trend shows no sign of slowing down in the near future. And while the demand for skilled […]

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Ep. 020: Reinventing Your Career

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    Everybody knows that changing jobs regularly is the new normal. The days of working for just one or two employers through your adult life are long gone. But what about switching not just jobs, but careers? Most of us will be in the workplace for four decades or more, so it’s a choice […]

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Are You Ready to Kickstart Your Encore Career?

Posted on by Ben Forstag

Finding meaningful and rewarding work is difficult for just about everyone–especially in a competitive job market like Portland. Older jobseekers, however, face unique challenges landing choice employment positions. Age discrimination can be a real factor in the hiring process, and the barriers can be even higher if you’re coming off a prolonged period of unemployment. […]

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Ben Forstag
Managing Director at Mac's List
Ben Forstag is Managing Director of Mac’s List, where he is responsible for the organization's editorial and business operations. Ben has an extensive background in communications and marketing, primarily in the nonprofit and healthcare sector. Contact Ben at
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The Future of Professional Success: Career Leadership

Posted on by Jill Banks

Editor’s Note: A version of this post originally appeared on the Carpenter Smith Consulting Blog. It is being re-published on Mac’s List with permission from the author.  In my work as a career consultant, executive coach and ally, one of the most common dynamics I see in my clients is a belief that the only […]

Jill Banks
Director of Career Services at Carpenter Smith Consulting
Jill Banks is an impactful and passionate consultant and coach in her Director of Career Services role at Carpenter Smith Consulting. She supports individuals in discovering and claiming their unique gifts, and to make changes they never believed possible. She is also certified by the American Council on Exercise as a fitness instructor and is committed to supporting people in bringing the whole of themselves to their success – intellectual, physical, psychological and spiritual.

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How to Prepare for Entrepreneurship

Posted on by Robin Wang

Most Americans, at some point in their lives, dream about starting their own business. For many, the risk to one’s career and financial well being is too big, and most never pursue those dreams. For others, the the urge to start a business can be unshakable. To help determine if entrepreneurship is right for you—and […]

Robin Wang
Robin Wang is the Executive Director at Albina Opportunities Corporation.
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Follow Your Curiosity to Find a Job You Love

Posted on by Jessica Williams

  This past weekend I was asked to speak at Portland State’s Center for Women’s Leadership to New Leadership Oregon graduates. A common theme started to emerge among the many questions I was asked – how do you find your career path? There’s a lot of advice out there that says to follow your passion (I’ve […]

Jessica Williams
Jessica is a former account director for Mac's List and Prichard. In her spare time, Jessica can be caught hiking with her dog Zoey, traveling to foreign lands or practicing yoga.
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Mac Prichard Featured on the “Launch Yourself” Podcast

Posted on by Cecilia Bianco

If you’re interested in launching your career, business or brand, then Melissa Anzman’s “Launch Yourself” podcast /website is the place to start! Melissa is a career consultant who works to take individuals’ careers and organizations to the next level. Recently, Melissa launched a podcast series featuring prominent, innovative professionals, and today’s guest is our very […]

Cecilia Bianco
Former Community Manager at Mac's List
Cecilia, former Community Manager at Mac's List, is a strategic communications professional with deep knowledge of the local job market and how to launch your career in Portland. She has a passion for web-writing, wine, and the Pacific NW.
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8 Career Lessons Boomer Women Can Learn from Diana Nyad

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

    On September 2, 2013, 64-year-old Diana Nyad emerged from a 30-year retirement to fulfill an elusive dream: swimming a treacherous 103 miles from Cuba to Florida without the use of fins or a shark cage. It was her fifth attempt. Although doubters both before and after her feat were many, Nyad proved that […]

Laura Schlafly
Laura Schlafly is the founder of Career Choices with Laura, a coaching practice where she specializes in guiding midlife professionals through “career detours” and to investigate –then launch – “second act” careers after they reach 50. She is also co-author of "Roadmap to Success." You can contact Laura at or by emailing her at
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