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Mac Prichard Featured on the “Launch Yourself” Podcast

Posted on by Cecilia Bianco

If you’re interested in launching your career, business or brand, then Melissa Anzman’s “Launch Yourself” website is the place to start! Melissa is a career consultant who works to take individuals’ careers and organizations to the next level. Recently, Melissa launched a podcast series featuring prominent, innovative professionals, and today’s guest is our very own […]

8 Career Lessons Boomer Women Can Learn from Diana Nyad

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

  On September 2, 2013, 64-year-old Diana Nyad emerged from a 30-year retirement to fulfill an elusive dream: swimming a treacherous 103 miles from Cuba to Florida without the use of fins or a shark cage. It was her fifth attempt. Although doubters both before and after her feat were many, Nyad proved that despite […]

How to Navigate Uncertainty in Your Career

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

Book Review: The Time between Dreams. How to Navigate Uncertainty in Your Life and Work by Carol A. Vecchio. Change happens. Some look the other way and deny it. Others embrace change and its new opportunities, adventures, and horizons. However you approach it, change comes to all of us eventually in our careers, in our […]

Portfolio Worker? You Need 4 Types of Support to Succeed

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

As the saying goes “no man/woman is an island” and this is particularly true for job seekers and budding solo-preneurs. Your confidence and your financial well-being are on the line. Family and friends are fine for initial support, but to be successful, you’ll need at least four categories of help, each focused on a specific […]

Fighting Back When You’re Unemployed and Over 50

Posted on by Steve Bieler

Are employers passing on you because you’re over 50? You bet. According to a recent survey by AARP, about two-thirds of older workers say they have seen or experienced age discrimination in the workplace. How do you fight back? Here are some ideas: Don’t start a blog about looking for work. You might as well slap a […]

Is a Portfolio Career a Good Fit for You?

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

(This is part two in a series on portfolio careers) Many people realize that job security no longer comes from having a single job or career, so they are expanding their marketable and transferable skills into a portfolio of work types. In my last post, I introduced this concept of a portfolio career as a […]

Over 50 and Open to Alternative Models of Employment? Become an Adjunct or On-Call Professional!

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

In previous posts I’ve encouraged job seekers over 50 years old to open their eyes and minds to other options for generating income than traditional employment. Adjunct or on-call positions also allow for flexibility, variety, and independence. Why Should I Consider Other Models of Employment?  According to an article last year in the Huffington Post, the […]

Over 50 and Still Out of Work? Become an Entrepreneur!

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

Are you noticing more news articles about entrepreneurs who are starting up their businesses at ages 50+? It’s not your imagination! There is more press on this topic in the last six months than ever before. Why is that important to me as a baby boomer, and why now? 1. Although the unemployment rate of […]

Can’t Find a Full-Time Job? Become a Free Agent!

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

Are you looking for a full-time job in your field, but finding that many positions today are temporary or part time?  You’re not alone. More and more employers are hiring people for short-term jobs or projects.  Free Agent Nation  You can feel threatened by the growing trend to employ contingent workers, or you can make […]

What TV Detective Columbo Can Teach Portland Boomers about Job-Hunting

Posted on by Laura Schlafly

If you’re a baby boomer, you remember the 1970s television series starring Peter Falk as Lieutenant Columbo, a homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. Every episode began with commission of the crime and a known perpetrator. The plot reveals how the criminal is caught and exposed by Columbo, who solves the case by […]

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