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The Career Wheel: A Great Tool to Assess Your Career Satisfaction

Posted on by Marsha Warner

Do you ever feel dissatisfied with your career but aren’t sure where to start improving it? If yes, try using the Career Wheel above to assess your current level of satisfaction so that you can discover where it is that you need help. How to Use The Career Wheel

Inspiration for the Lost Job Seeker

Posted on by Jessica Williams

When searching for a job or taking the next step in your career, it’s only natural to feel lost from time to time. Sometimes you just feel down on your luck or stuck in your search. Other times you might feel incredibly uncomfortable with the uncertainty and fear of job

The Balancing Act: Learn How to Find Success as a Working Parent at Our Fall Event

Posted on by Cecilia Bianco

If you’re a working parent or a parent who’s looking to re-enter the workforce, our fall Mac’s List Meets event is what you need. Join us and hear from a panel of successful, high-level professionals who have had thriving careers while managing a family! We have heard from many of our readers that they would […]

Entry-Level or Exit-Level: Social Venture Partners Programs in Portland You Need to Know About

Posted on by Cecilia Bianco

Whether you’re just starting your career or considering a transition into retirement, these Social Venture Partners programs might be just what you need! Social Venture Partners (SVP) engages the community in venture philanthropy and amplifies impact by connecting philanthropists, strengthening nonprofits, and investing in collaborative solutions. SVP encourages professionals to donate their time and talents […]

Do What You Love No Matter What You Do For a Living

Posted on by Abigail Diskin

“I don’t know what direction my life is heading. I feel like I’m failing,” I said, bewildered and teary-eyed to my friend sitting in the passenger seat of my parked car. I had just returned from the most daring adventure of my life to date: three and a half

3 Advantages to a Career in Nursing

Posted on by Emily Green

The field of nursing has expanded rapidly in recent years, with 19.4 percent employment growth and 526,800 brand new jobs expected by 2022. If you’re looking for a career that’s excelling in a weak economy, consider these three advantages of becoming a nurse!

5 Myths About Working in the Nonprofit Sector

Posted on by Lisa Faust

Has this ever happened to you? You see a great job posting, you meet all the requirements, you love the duties and responsibilities, then you realize the posting is for a nonprofit, and you think: “How could

Why Creativity is Important to Creating Meaning in Your Work

Posted on by Jessica Williams

For the past six months, I’ve been working with a coach to identify ways to grow in my career as Account Director at Prichard Communications.  I’ve landed on key areas I want to excel in—public speaking, writing, and strategic communications. Last week, something pivotal happened in our conversations:

Two Great Websites For Finding Work Abroad

Posted on by Jessica Williams

  At “Mac’s List” we are dedicated to helping you find work in Oregon, but sometimes that just isn’t what you want! I hear from so many folks who want to work abroad and need advice on how to find jobs in foreign countries.

Will Working for a For-Profit Company Negatively Affect Your Chance at Getting a Nonprofit Job?

Posted on by Jessica Williams

At last month’s “Mac’s List” networking event, I noticed that you, our readers, struggle with this question – Will working for a for-profit company negatively affect your chance at getting a nonprofit job?

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